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Frequently Asked Question

Schools and other organizations are provided with large containers for their collected aluminum cans. Once the containers are full, Cans for Kids picks up the collected cans and drops them off at Wastenot Ltd.'s premises. Cans for Kids also has drop-off locations throughout the island where the general public can bring their aluminum cans - see CFK Locations.

WasteNot Limited packages the cans into briquettes, which are then loaded onto pallets. Once 20 tons of aluminum is accumulated, it is then shipped to the United States for sale.

Aluminum beverage cans are the most frequently recyclable aluminum products. If you have metal packaging and need to know if it is aluminum, try the magnet test. Aluminum does not attract magnets and so if your kitchen magnet does not stick, it’s likely safe to deposit into the Cans for Kids bin.

Cans for Kids is a recovery initiative. Aluminum collected is exported out of The Bahamas to other recycling facilities.

The money collected from the sale of the cans is partially used to support the collection, processing and shipping of the cans. The balance is paid out to the schools, associations and groups that participate in collecting them. How they use the funds that they receive is up to them, with the only stipulation being that it is used towards youth development.

The funds raised from the aluminum can sales are placed into an account with a local accounting firm who runs a Client Account for Cans for Kids. The company then provides funding to participating schools and associations

We are always looking for more schools to partner with, and locations to place bins. Please contact us to get the ball rolling!


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